"Rank the [Blank]" With Us!

Ranked-choice voting (RCV) is like color TV:

  • The details of how it works can be technical.
  • The best way to learn it is to try it for yourself.
  • Once you try it, you'll wonder why you didn't switch sooner.

How might we help more people experience ranked-choice voting? We developed an event format called "Rank the [Blank]" that allows us to connect local communities, organizations, towns and business with a custom ranked-choice voting event.

Previous Events

Here are some events we have done throughout New Jersey:

  • Rank The Restaurants | Jersey City | December 2022
    • Sponsored by Councilmembers of the JC City Council
  • Rank The Restaurants | Hoboken | February 2023
    • Sponsored by Councilmembers of the Hoboken City Council
  • Rank The Restaurants | Collingswood | April 2023
  • Rank The Beers | Merchantville | May 2023
  • Rank The Beers | Galloway | August 2023
    • With help from League of Women Voters of New Jersey and RepresentUS
  • Rank The Beers | Jersey City | August 2023
    • Sponsored by Councilmembers of the JC City Council
    • With help from Departed Soles
  • Rank The Beers | Haddon Heights | October 2023
  • Rank The Beers | Bordentown | January 2024



What Expertise & Resources VCNJ Brings 

Voter Choice NJ will bring its experience with RCV and community engagement:

  • A custom presentation to answer your community's questions about RCV.
    • What is ranked-choice voting? What are the benefits?
    • Where else is ranked-choice voting used?
    • What is the path to passing ranked-choice voting in NJ?
  • A custom election to let your community try ranked choice voting.
    • Online and/or in-person election administration
    • Ballot design, distribution, and counting
  • Other logistical support like online registration, graphics, social media advertising, etc.


Where You Can Help 

We'll bring the expertise, and you can help bring in the people!

  • Connect us with the community you want to educate:
    • Grassroots groups
    • Local chapter of a larger org/party
    • A small business
    • Local elected officials
  • Customize the event for your community:
    • Where in New Jersey is this community most concentrated?
    • What would be the best venue to bring this community together?
    • What (non-partisan) election could be an engaging example for people to try RCV?
    • What would be the most effective way to share the event with your community?

Let's Make It Happen

For more information, send us an email: [email protected].