Because New Jersey’s election laws don’t currently give local leaders the choice to use Ranked-Choice Voting (read more on that here), our local organizing work fulfills two strategic aims: 

  • Build a broad base of support among the public and local elected officials to sway state leaders to pass legislation that enables local use of RCV.
  • Lay the foundation for the passage and use of RCV in each town’s local elections.

We are working to pass “trigger” ordinances and resolutions through town councils that would put RCV on the ballot for voters in the next election; the ballot question will be ‘triggered’ by the passage of our state-enabling legislation. We’ve already passed these pro-RCV measures in Hoboken, Jersey, and Red Bank, but we need residents from all over the state to step up and lead the charge locally! 

Want to organize for RCV in your town? Let us know - we can’t wait to partner with you!

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