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Voter Choice NJ Partners with Councilmember to Host Ranked-Choice Vote on Jersey City Restaurants

JERSEY CITY - On Thursday, December 8th at City Hall, Voter Choice NJ hosted a Jersey City "Rank the Restaurants" event to give local residents first-hand experience using ranked-choice voting (RCV). The event was held in partnership with Councilman James Solomon, with Councilmembers Frank Gilmore and Yousef Saleh also in attendance, and a supportive statement shared by Mayor Steven Fulop in advance of the event. 


Six Jersey City restaurants were on the ballot: Green Pear Heights, Krewe McGinley Square, Pasta dal Cuore, Edward’s Steakhouse, Harry’s Daughter, and The Factory. Event participants heard a briefing on RCV and pitches for each of the restaurants, before filling out their ranked-choice ballots. All restaurants had first-choice support from some voters, but after several rounds of elimination it came down to Green Pear Heights and The Factory, with Green Pear Heights edging out a narrow majority for the "voters' choice" title. 


"I'm a strong supporter of more open and competitive elections for New Jersey, and ranked-choice voting has leveled the playing field in elections across the country" said Councilman James Solomon. "Thank you to Voter Choice NJ, the activists and small businesses who have worked to make this event happen!"


Mayor Steven Fulop also issued a statement in support of RCV: "From our recent Participatory Budget Pilot Program to providing free rides to and from the polls on Election Day in Jersey City, we strongly support all residents exercising their rights to have their voices heard, and Ranked Choice Voting is proven to be a more representative way for people to vote. This will ultimately lead to a stronger, more vibrant democracy.”



Voter Choice New Jersey is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that focuses solely on Ranked-Choice Voting. Our team of volunteers educates and advocates for this electoral improvement which ensures majority support, reduces toxic partisanship in our democracy, and enables voters to express their political interests more deeply. We work closely with citizens and elected officials to advance RCV, and welcome anyone interested in advocating for RCV locally or statewide to contact us via our website ( or at (917) 771-8060.

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