Show your support for the Municipal and School Board Voting Options Act, permitting all local governments throughout New Jersey to adopt Ranked Choice Voting when approved by their voters.

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To Governor Murphy and All State Legislative Representatives:

We, the undersigned, registered voters of New Jersey, hereby urge you to enact the Municipal and School Board Voting Options Act, S1622, that permits all local governments to adopt Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) as an election method to select their mayor, city council members, county board of commissioners and/or school board members if approved by their voters at the ballot box. RCV, which allows voters to rank the candidates on the ballot in order of preference, is a system that ensures majority support for a winning candidate,  eliminates the sore loser effect, minimizes wasted votes, and discourages negative campaigning.

This enabling legislation we ask you to support represents voter empowerment at its best. It allows residents living in municipalities, whatever their form of government, to control their local elections and decide whether they want to use RCV.  The legislation does not mandate the use of RCV, but simply enables localities to pick and choose how they want to elect their local and school board officials, and in all cases, requires the local electorate to approve that choice in a referendum.

We trust that you will let democracy bloom at the local level by endorsing and voting for S1622.